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Working With Parents Who Have Children Aged 9-19yrs

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Society, and therefore most organisations, focus solely on the needs of the child. There are very few that support the needs of parents who have older children.

That’s where we come in!

We believe that you should be fully supported, skilled up with knowledge and the confidence to apply the new tools that you learn – just as you were skilled up during your son or daughter’s early years. A bit like putting your own oxygen mask on first and then your child’s.

At our core, we believe that parents should be at the centre of their child’s world during childhood and adolescense.

This means that you should garner full respect from:

  • your children
  • service providers – including school, doctors and social services
  • extended family & friends

Yes – as parents – we should be learning and pulling in support from where we can (parenting is a difficult and contrary to popular belief – it does not get easier) – but that support should be offered in a way to empower YOU so that YO, in turn, can empower your child.



Our next principle is based on an Old African Proverb

“It takes a village to raise a child”

We have become more isolated from our extended families – we don’t really have neighbourhoods watching over and being responsible for our children and we often lack time to connect with others.

The detriment of this – is that we muddle along, on our own – not reaching out for support – becoming more isolated as we attempt to figure out how to handle the next problem our children decides to drop at our doorsteps.

Well not here!

At Teen-Behaviour.Com we believe everybody has a responsibility to muck in where they can. Offering support, sharing experinces and believing that we should also start to feel confident in reaching out to get the support that we need.

No more hiding!

These kids are hard work!

Why should we do it alone when Janet, next door, has already been through what we’re experiencing and can offer some words of wisdom?

There is power in The Village – and we absolutely need that power when our kids start pushing those boundaries!



The next principle is that of

‘No Judgement – No Blame – No Shame’

In my 25yr+ experience – 99.99% of parents love their children unconditionally.

Now, they might not all be handling certain situations in the best way – but this is not due to lack of love – more due to lack of understanding or not having the right tools to manage behaviour.

For some reason we get so much support at the 0-5 yrs stage – then zilch support when our kids get older – despite adolescense being the next major stage in development after the early years.

We aim to change that – with sharing knowledge and understanding and most importantly making sure we have a culture of care – care and love towards YOU!

Parents matter!

We Work with You, Service Providers & Community Organisations

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About Teen-Behaviour.Com

Anika Vassell

Teen Behaviourist & Parent Advocate

Having worked with young people and their families for over 25yrs and witnessing repeat patterns in behaviours, Anika wanted to begin making long-term differences by supporting parents in the home.

Now, 5yrs since the creation of Teen-Behaviour.Com, the award-winning service attracts and supports parents from around the world. With a close team of volunteers, Anika has been able to create a community where the village really does take care of the child.

Anika is the mother to two adolescent-aged girls, a former Psychology A Level teacher, a previous home-educator and has worked with young offenders and children in the care system. Anika holds a PGCE in Society, Health & Development; an MSc in Forensic Psychology and is a current PhD Candidate at the University of Nottingham.

Most importantly Anika’s mission is to empower parents with the tools and knowledge necessary to get our children through the, often hostile, adolescent years.


a ‘No-Judgement – No Blame – No Shame’ service

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