Anika Vassell works in supporting families to address difficult teen issues that negatively impact on home-life as well as in a number of other areas that have a positive social impact. Her alternative provision focuses on the emotional, social and personal development of children who struggle in mainstream education and running workshops for parents who have teen and pre-teenaged children are proving to be very popular. Anika’s Facebook ‘Parenting Teens & Pre-Teens Village Community’ has grown by word of mouth to over 1000 parents, who access support from around the world. She also trains professionals, such as teachers and social workers, in ‘Teen Psychology’.

Anika’s experience in working with children, young people & families from a variety of backgrounds spans over 20 years – from working as an ‘outstanding’ specialist teacher of PSHE & Psychology at the top performing secondary school in Nottinghamshire where her ‘A’ Level students regularly achieved the highest grades in the sixth form; to working with young offenders after completing her Masters degree in Forensic Psychology.

Psychology is the study of all human behaviour and Anika shares principle tools from this discipline with parents and professionals, so that they can positively impact on the future outcomes of young people. As the adolescent years are the next major phase in development, following the 0-5 years, it is her vision that those who care for them are skilled and supported to guide them through this turbulent time.

Anika offers a ‘No Judgement – No Blame’ solution-focused support service to parents and provides professionals with training in key areas of Teen Psychology.

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Addressing modern-day teen risks & facilitating future happiness & success!

teen anxiety

rude or aggressive behaviour

the impact of divorce or separation

bullying at school

how to build resillience and self-esteem

anger management for teens

early sexual relationships

teen depression

poor attitude towards school


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