So, you’re a teacher but the path you’re on feels like a dead end!

Yup! I know that feeling well!
It’s the one that catches in your gut on a Monday morning drive to work.
I’ve know because I’ve been there!

But handing in your notice? It’s one of the most frightening things to face. It’s just a pipe dream to most of us. To leave the comfort and PERCEIVED security of an organisation is a huge step – but even more frightening for me was to not do anything about it!

To feel stuck trapped is my biggest angst. To feel that my future has limits – with job titles and pay grade boundaries set by others – when I know I am so much more – and I am worth so much more.

As human beings – we need to be challenged – that’s when we feel most fulfilled – we need to push our boundaries – it’s as though our spirit knows no end – we forever keep pushing forward.

This is what moves us – this is what moves you – if things are still for too long then discomfort with the dull drum and dissatisfaction with the stagnation looms on the periphery.

Our internal drive knows this. It wants us to venture out, to see if there really is another way to make life happen.

To have a go.
To take the risk.
To feel alive.

If you’re anything like me – you will love teaching.
Being in the classroom, working with the children and executing one of the most important roles in this society.

But you’ll also be left feeling that very few people outside of the profession truly understand the amount of work and commitment you put in and the politics within it… well!

Who knew that a child’s learning could change with every change in Education Minister? I mean really – who knew?

Little respect and very little recognition.

Here are the three steps that I took to change that:

I got very clear on what I wanted life to look and feel like for me.
I suggest you do the same.

Don’t worry about what kind of work you will do at this stage – just think of how you would like to feel, waking up on a Monday morning, knowing that it’s a day ahead of you that you have and will create. Who will you be meeting with that morning?
What about in the afternoon?
And after your chosen working hours – how will you spend the quality time that you now have more of with your family and loved ones? Maybe you’ll be there to cook them a freshly made meal for when they get home. Or it could be an evening out – quality time!


The risk of “giving it all up” (as I viewed it then) was overwhelming. I only knew how to work for others. I started to question how people – especially those from other countries, with little command of the English language could make business work for them. What was it that they had that I didn’t?

I concluded that they must have had a completely different way of thinking to me.
Where was their fear? Where was their self-doubt? The only way I knew to progress in life – was what I had been trained in thinking – to go to university and get a job working for someone else.

This was not the entrepreneurial way of thinking!

So I decided I needed to start mixing with business men and women – to gain a better understanding of their mindset – and that’s exactly what I did. I had a vague idea of how to utilise my skills in the business world – nothing concrete – but this did give me something to talk about and explore with the business people I would eventually meet with.

I then searched for business networking events that I could attend . There were so many – some meets during breakfast hours before work – some at lunch and some later in the evening.

I learnt so much. And entrepreneurs certainly do think differently. They have a level of confidence – a ‘go get it’ attitude – a different energy and buzz about them.

To sum up – the attitude is – that they happen to life – life doesn’t happen to them. They are always thinking about what can they do next to make life happen for themselves?

I suggest you go and rub shoulders with entrepreneurs – get right in there – immerse yourself – and see what I mean.


My Next step was to then focus in on a specific skill and talent that I could offer to the world. What did I have that I could help others with?

Do this for yourself – figure out exactly what it is that you have that your colleagues don’t have. What could you offer to others in the public sector and the private sector. What do you love doing? What brings you joy?
If you can find a few things that make you happy – then you will work to achieve it and you will enjoy the journey.

Grab a business mentor, run your ideas past them. There are often government schemes around that will offer you a mentor for free. Your mentor will help you to fine tune your idea and will help you to cost it out.

From there – it’s totally your decision!
Do you take flight or stick in your comfort zone?

There is no right or wrong answer – do what is best for you.
My thoughts are that we have one life and we have to live it to the best of our ability. Every single day!

Go for it!

This is the first day of the rest of your life. Live it!
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