Don’t shy away from putting in boundaries with your older teens.

If you need to put yr foot down then put it down and stick with it.

Yes they might kick off and have a mini rant – but that’s only to be expected.

Who likes to be told No?

I certainly don’t and even now as an adult – if I’m told ‘No’ I don’t feel to happy about it.

So just expect the discontentment and put your foot down anyway. 

Too often we are fearful of the teen strops. Too often we back down. Too often we feel it’s just easier to let them have their own way after they’ve wore us down – but that is a false sense of security.

You’re ability to be swayed, without holding onto the reasons why you said no in the first place is their reason to be even more stroppy next time you say ‘No’

They’ll believe that you will give in – so they’ll just keep coming at you. 

Stand firm.

If your children are younger – then even more reason to maintain your stance.

Get them used to the process.

They ask – and sometimes they don’t get what they ask for.

Sometimes they may have to wait.

Sometimes they will have to take into consideration others who would be affected by their plans.

Sometimes they may have to accept that their plan was not the best at that time or ever whilst under your roof.

That’s just part of life. It’s normal.

Don’t set yourself up and let them think that your ‘No’ is actually a ‘Maybe’ as you’ll just set yourself up for a lot of pressure until you relent.

If you have trouble putting in the boundaries then book your ‘As-Long-As-It-Takes’ call and let’s get some strategies in place.


Love relentlessly, regardless!

Anika – x



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