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We improve Absenteeism, Productivity & Retention rates amongst working parents who have children aged 9-19yrs.



Parents tell us that relationships with their older children are challenging and that they often feel:

  • Isolated
  • Embarrassed
  • Helpless
  • Anxious
  • Depressed
  • Totally Consumed – when things go wrong

Our series of evidence-based workshops address these issues by ensure that your employees are empowered to recognise and respond with clarity when issues arise with their children so as to avoid crisis.

Parents leave our sessions with an understanding of their child’s developmental process and with practical skills, strategies and a Toolkit Workbook that they have adapted and personalised for implementation in their own homes. 

The Q&A sessions give the opportunity for individual employee needs to be addressed avoiding the need for group or one-to-one coaching.



One-to-One Coaching will accelerate the process for your working parents to effectively manage and address pressing problems with their older children.

Our solution-focused support will assist your working parents to build plans of action and develop strategies to address issues in their homes within six weeks.

This approach will enable your employees to avoid being consumed by family issues so that they can get back to focusing on work, when they are at work.



Group Coaching offers a cost-effective way to offer impactful support and advice through a shared learning experience. This method addresses the isolation that many parents of older children say they feel.

Our specialist coaches guide groups through their own personal journeys whilst providing facilitated peer support and group discussion. 

Coaching can take place via face-to-face sessions or online. 



Most organisations are prepared to respond to the maternity and childcare needs of employees; very few have that same ability to respond to the needs of employees whom have older children.

Understanding the phases of parenting that all of your employees with children will face, will leave you better able to identify, relate to, and assist them as  challenges arise.

Equipped with techniques and strategies, you will be proactive in the support you provide. Through your guidance, working parents will be able to manage the needs of their growing children by taking a more proactive approach where the negative impact upon productivity is avoided. 


I feel more empowered & more optimistic now I’m not driving blind. I want to come to the other workshops. Female staff (particularly academics) will highly benefit from the workshop. We are under a huge amount of pressure from work, with stress of having children that reach teen age – it can be too much.”

University Lecturer



“I also learnt much more about the stresses, issues and challenges our kids face through adolescence and what I can do to help him deal with these challenges or fears as they crop up. This is invaluable stuff that should be made compulsory!! Anika Vassell you kept me captivated! Fantastic job and I highly, highly recommend.”

Misia Smith


Wish I had had this opportunity earlier in her life. Look forward to learning about other workshops”



“I now feel extremely confident to address behaviour issues with my son. If someone were not sure of attending this workshop I would tell them that this is one of the best investments that they could make in order to affect a better relationship with their child!”

Denise McClean


“Gave me practical tools to use at home to help me connect better. Gave me confidence that I can improve the situation long term. Feel less under pressure now”

Projects Officer


“I can with great confidence highly recommend Anika and her courses, as they were so amazing and helpful! Anika gave me new skills and ideas to help enable me, as a parent, to be able to take back control of our unhappy family situation! I felt totally supported and understood and it was so easy to follow! Thank you Anika!!”

Tanya Collins


“Useful to share ideas and concerns with others. Realisation that you’re not alone. Useful tips and advice. I liked the balance of presentation and taught versus interaction during group work”

Deputy University Director

A ‘No-Judgement – No Blame – No Shame’ Service

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