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I am Anika Vassell and here at StarBurst my role is to empower you and other parents to better understand, protect, guide & keep on connecting with your teen or pre-teen through their ‘tricky’ adolescent years.

I have over 20 years of experience working directly with children and young people from a variety of backgrounds. I now work predominantly with parents who are aware that in this ever-changing and increasingly stressful world, that their children are in more need of support than ever before.

Parent & Teen Relationship Coach

Dip CBT; PGCE; MSc; BSc (Hons)

Creator of the First Step-by-Step Parenting Programme that Empowers You to Better Understand, Protect, Guide & Connect with Your Teen

Why I Empower Parents to Keep on Connecting With Their Teens

After many years of working with children from highly challenging backgrounds, I went to teach Psychology in a school within the leafy suburbs. It, however, soon became apparent that the issues being faced by these ‘privileged’ children were many of the exact same issues that I had been managing in my previous roles.

The biggest upset was that parents were just not part of the conversations that their children were having with me, other members of staff, their friends and across the social medias. It seemed so odd that I would be sought out for advice on issues that these young people just wouldn’t approach heir own parents about.

After a few years of research into the area of parent and teen relationships I came to the conclusion that parents just do not have the support to gain the understanding that they need to guide their children through the adolescent years.

It is unthinkable for parents to give birth without a whole system of support behind them and I feel that this support should continue beyond the infant years.

With this in mind I have set up this service to empower parents just like you to understand, protect and keep on bonding with their children through the adolescent years.

Unlike other parenting experts I ONLY work with parents who have children of adolescent age.

Based on years of experience and research, I am firm in my belief that YOU are the best person to address the emotional welfare of your child. Just as you were supported and informed when your son or daughter was an infant – my professional role is to support you now.

Through our online parent training programmes or our 1:1 strategy coaching…

…you will be better positioned to support your child, build their skills of resiliency and protect them against modern-day ‘teen pressures’.

You will create a deeper bond with your child, resulting from the understanding that you gain. Your increased knowledge of teen issues and their psychological changes & development; will enable you to guide them through their adolescent years more effectively than anyone else.

Ultimately, a bonded relationships with you means that your child will feel supported, emotionally strong and better able to plan for their future success.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or queries that you may have CLICK HERE

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Anika has over twenty years of experience working with children, teenagers & young people in a variety of settings and in particular, with those displaying behavioural, social and emotional difficulties. She has been deemed to be an ‘outstanding’ Psychology & PSHE specialist teacher at one of the top ten performing comprehensive schools in the country where Psychology regularly achieved some of the schools best A Level results.

In addition to teaching, her previous experience includes the operational management of residential units for BESD & SEN children; keywork with young offenders and ‘looked after’ children; academic mentoring; delivery of parenting courses and workshop facilitation for adults.

Anika is also an author, public speaker & newspaper columnist and is featured regularly in newspapers both online & in print.

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