Sometimes our parenting wins are the tiny things.

They don’t have to be epic events – in fact the more we begin to acknowledge those little moments – the better for our parent/teen relationship!

Just think how great you feel when you get acknowledged by your partner – or at work. The same rules apply for our teens.

Give them a pat on the back and give yourself one too.

We have a tendency to focus on the negatives – that’s not you – that’s just human nature. Today make a concerted effort to pick out the positives.

Make a concerted effort to look at where you have done good with respect to your parenting skills.

Did your child do something thoughtful for you?

Were they kind to a sibling or to a friend at school.

Did they make you smile at any point as you remembered something that they said or did?

Let’s celebrate the ‘little’ moments. Let’s take them as our wins.

In the words of Heather Small (or Miranda’s friend if you used to watch it) “What have they done today that made you feel proud?” 

Have you shared that moment with them? Do they know what it is they did that made you smile? Because, let’s be honest, our children know exactly what they’ve done that has made us upset – we are so quick to share that with them. Not that it’s wrong but we do need to get the balance.

Uplift them and uplift ourselves with what we are doing well.

Share it with us now and don’t forget to highlight that moment to your child later too. 
What is the ‘parenting win’ are you looking out for this week?

Is there something specific that you are working on with your teen? Is it their bedroom? Their levels of respect for others in the house? Their understanding and acknowledgement for the things that you do?

Let us know!

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