Every now and then I’ll speak to a parent who is fast approaching the abyss and I have to ask them “What exactly are you waiting for before you take action?”

“How bad does it have to get?”

I know that I can share strategies with that will help them move forward in whatever is going on with their child.

I know I can help them to address behaviour in their home

I know I can help their child to make positive changes.

And the biggest reason for them not doing so seems to be investment.

Investment in time AND investment in money.

But, how does investment stop you from preparing for your child’s future happiness and success?

What above all else are we as parents doing on this Earth if not to look out for the best interests of our children?

What is more important?

A knew Xbox? A new set of running shoes? New clothes? What is it?

I just don’t get it.

Maybe it’s because the service that I offer – you cannot touch. It’s nothing that you can actually physically hold on to.

But the end results are that you will see it and my God will you feel it!

When I finish working with your child – you will see them step that much lighter as the heavy weight begins to lift from their shoulders; as they begin to address issues that they held no power over before.

When I finish working with you – you will feel it in the new confidence that you, yourself will build to tackle issues in your home that will bring about your child’s brighter future.


Now I do give a lot of advice away for free – that’s my nature – I won’t leave anybody in pain when I can relieve it for them.

When I see parents struggling – I have to help because I know that the pain they are expressing – goes even deeper than them. The pain they are sharing with me – stems from a pain that their child is in.

So – I give free advice in my group and I give free advice on calls. I give free advice to friends and what I give will help you and them to take the edge off what is occurring right now – for sure it will do that. And you’ll feel better for a while.

However – it’s a sticky plaster. There’s no way that in a Facebook post or a message or a quick call that I can address the years of behaviours and thoughts and feelings and attitudes that have accumulated.

There’s just no way.

A Facebook post is not going to get to the root cause – don’t be fooled by the relief you feel – it’s just not that simple.

If you want long term change there has to be an investment of time to make things right – and time does cost money.

In the UK, especially – we tend to wait for the authorities to save our children. I know parents who will wait for years rather than seek private help for their child.

Now, help will come – but please know that it’s only after you, your family and your child have reached the edge. To almost – and sometimes after the point of no return!

Who wants to wait until then?

Why would you wait until that point?

Do you know what desperation for your child feels like?

Sleepless nights?

Stress impacting on your ability to focus at work or anything else?

Stress on your relationships?


Heart wrenching pain – so hot that it numbs your soul?

Why would you do that to yourself?

Why put yourself through that?

Why put your child and your family through that mess?


Social services the doctors and CAMHS will all step in – but only after you get to that end. There’s just no money for them to do more. And their answer will almost always be medication.

And here I go again with my advice – just make sure that if you go down this route of medication – that they have helped you to explore alternatives.

Unless your child is at severe risk – as in life- threatening – medication should not be their first offering to your child.

And do know that as soon as you start to make some headway – that any support will be pulled. You can get caught in a catch 22!.

I come before this.

My personal service, my programmes, my one-to-one support all come before the crisis.

But please – no more sticky plasters. They soon fall off – they’re not designed to stay on for long. You need a solid cast to fix something that is breaking your child.

Prevention not intervention.

Stop waiting to be saved. Get out of the toxic way of thinking.

I’ll show you exactly what you can do get proactive in your own home with a step-by-step personalised action plan.

Book your ;AS-LONG-AS-IT-TAKES’ call HERE and get solution-focused support today!


Love relentlessly, regardless,

Anika – x

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