“I learnt how I can improve the communication channels with my teen and I also learned much more about the stresses, issues and challenges our kids face through adolescence and what I can do to help him deal with these challenges or fears as they crop up. This is invaluable stuff that should be made compulsory!! And Anika Vassell you kept me captivated! Fantastic job and I highly, highly recommend.”

Misia Smith

“This has been extremely valuable in terms of content and tools to work out problem solving. I will refer to the toolkit and be able to review the way I have previously dealt with conflicts and revise them. I now feel extremely confident to address behaviour issues with my son. The key message that I have taken away from this course is that I am not alone in this and that there is valuable and effective help and support available. If someone were not sure of attending this workshop I would tell them that this is one of the best investments that they could make in order to affect a better relationship with their child!” Denise McLean




“These workshops will help with the interactions with my child because I now know how he develops. I am more confident and I feel better equipped with methods I have learnt.”

Jane Thomas

Anika is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to parent and teen relationships. I used her services when I was stuck with what to do in a situation at home and her guidance was priceless as the situation was quickly resolved.
I highly recommend her services.

Joanne Le'febour

I can’t thank Anika enough – on behalf of me and my daughter.  I had a call with her and arranged a call from my daughter with her and she was great getting us to see each other’s perspectives and helped us navigate a really, really tough year. Just knowing I was doing OK as a parent helped me be strong in my approach and all came good in the end.

Belinda Bronjewski

Anika is an amazing expert in the field of all things childcare related, she is a fount of knowledge during those difficult teen years. She always knows just what to say or has some tactic, that no matter how simple, we as parents have often over looked during times of crisis. My son is nine at present and I now feel I am well equipped to handle what the teen years throws at me and can take comfort in the fact that Anika is just a phone call away.

Karyn Taylor

Anika is fantastic, she is one of those rare people that although a professional in her field she is approachable and really listens. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Anika and her courses.

Liz Withers

I can with great confidence highly recommend Anika and her courses, as they were so amazing and helpful! Anika gave me new skills and ideas to help enable me, as a parent, to be able to take back some control of our unhappy family situation! I felt totally supported and understood and it was so easy to follow! Thank you Anika!!

Tanya Collins

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Anika!! I had a phone session a couple of weeks ago with her and at this point I was pretty desperate ! Things had gotten so bad between myself and my 12 yr old son that I honestly didn’t know what to do. After my session I started to put things into perspective and make some positive changes that have made a huge difference in our lives!!

I honestly think Anika played a key part in this and anyone having problems with their teens need to book in with her it will help !! My son is back in school things are getting better and better each day so I’m really excited about the future and what it can bring ….Thanks again Anika you are sooo good at what you do and I am very grateful that you were recommended to me.”

Dana Sabin

“This course has been incredibly informative with some very useful insights. They have helped me to stop and think before reacting and have given me empathy to understand their needs. I feel much more confident. It’s now about practice to make it fluent. The key message that I have taken away is not to react with predictable responses! I feel empowered because I have a set of useful ‘tools’ with which to communicate and resolve conflict. I would advise someone who wasn’t sure about this course to have an open mind – you will learn more than you expected!”.

Simon Pryce

“This was by far the best course I’ve been on in a long time. It was very informative. Anika, you’ve helped me to understand my children at a deeper level and have supported me with tools that allow me to HEAR and appreciate them more and in return for them to HEAR and appreciate me better. I would recommend your course to ALL parents especially to those who have children going through adolescent years.

  • Thank you for giving simple, practical yet very powerful advice.
  • For taking on board EVERYTHING that we shared.
  • For equipping me with tools and with knowledge backed with research.
  • For giving me confidence and allowing me to claim back what it means to be a parent.
  • Thank you for teaching me control, calmness, boundaries, understanding, openness,
  • and most of all how to communicate better and recognise when our children need us more.

Thank you Anika you are a very motivating and inspiring individual. I’ve enjoyed every session and have looked forward to coming back each time! ”


“This course has provided me with a fascinating insight into the science and psychology of what’s going on with our teens as well as some very useful strategies for communicating positively with them.

Anika is well informed and experienced and is able to answer any question or respond to any scenario with SOUND ideas and suggestions. Above all, I have come away with a belief in myself to do a good job with my children! I would recommend this course to anyone who is struggling to understand their teen

…. and to those who aren’t! Thank you Anika.”

S. Mitchell

“This has been very informative. It will help me to reflect on situations, aiding forward thinking. I feel more confident and I’m already thinking of how I will put what I have learnt into action. Te key message that I have taken away is that “It’s okay to parent and not just let them go!” “ To be confident & try to keep one step ahead”. I am feeling empowered and better aided with tools. If someone where not sure of attending this workshop I would say “Give it a go!”

Jayne Cole




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