Supporting Parents with the Yr6-7 Transition Process & Safeguarding Emotional Well-Being

Promoting the Confidence & Engagement of Parents

in line with the Ofsted Framework 2015

The Yr6 to Yr7 transition process is and exciting time but also a time that is approached with much trepidation by both children and their parents.

Parents can begin to feel side-lined during the process; no longer able to have impromptu talks with their child’s classroom teacher nor the ability to network with other parents before or after school, they can begin to feel a little out of the loop.

According to the School Transition & Adjustment Research Study (University College London,2014) a successful transition involves pupils showing:


‘positive adjustments in social and emotional areas as well as academically’


Well, who better to support the emotional well-being of children than their own parents or carers?

We empower parents with the confidence and the tools to effectively support the emotional needs of their own children during this time.

Evenings consists of a 1hr presentation and a 1/2 hour Q&A session

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A thought provoking session!

It initiated lots of questions and discussions between parents & offered practical solutions from Anika. It was well worth attending. Thank you!

Mrs Margaret Williams

Head Teacher, The Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy

As Chair of our Primary school PTA, I was keen for Anika to come & share some of her insight with our Yr5&6 parents with children on the cusp of their next ‘transition’ period.

I’m so glad I did – the evening encouraged questions, sharing of support amongst our parents, and many feeling they now had just that little bit more confidence in their parenting. I would recommend the seminar as a great way of getting your school community helping each other more.

Louise Startin

Chair, Parents Teachers Association

I really enjoyed the presentation & the informal discussion at the end allowed Anika to share her knowledge & expertise with us. I would recommend attending as it will help parents to consider their children’s changing needs & how best to support them.

Karen McDonnell-Brooks


An invaluable session!

It will help both me & my husband to prepare. This should be pushed at secondary schools too. I recommend unreservedly!

Tanya Kennedy


I feel much more confident in my parenting. It was very informative and I will be more proactive in my parenting. It has helped me to pre-empt issues.

Suzanne Bradford


This session was incredibly informative. If a parent was unsure about attending I would say “What could be more important than your own child? Invest the time!”



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