It’s all about the long game!

We don’t have to get drawn into any arguments that our children instigate with us.

They know exactly which buttons to press and before you know it you’ll be in a full blown argument. 

The problem is – is that they are often experts at this. Their quick retorts – they’ve been practicing all day at school. Bottom line is that you’re likely to loose!

So don’t go there! Don’t put yourself in that position. 

My teen for instance, has the quickest tongue in the East Midlands. Her mind is so quick and given half  a chance her mouth would shoot those words off at me like a BB gun. 

I put a stop to her nonsense! I just don’t go tehre with her – because her words will be rude, they will ridicule me an dthey’ll leave her mouth before she even has time to process the actual meaning. 

The result – I will kick off – loose my rag – and either say something awful or punish her to within an inch of her life!

I have learnt to just stop – exhale – and then calmly ask her to pause before she lands herself in huge trouble. 

Whatever issue that I am addressing with her – I know I can always come back to. I play the long game.

It doesn’t have to be resolved or addressed there and then. 

In a calmer state – where we have both had time to reflect – the conversation we have is always much more productive.

Through this my daughter has also learnt how to stop herself and pause before I even have to instruct her too. 

She has learnt the how to manage herself better and she understands the power of words – using them – and not using them!

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Until next time, 

Love relentlessly, regardless!

Anika – x

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